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Enrich your Child

with art classes at Bouncin’ Play

Our approach to creativity at Bouncin’ Play  is to make being creative fun! As we all know, children already possess a wonderful built-in desire to explore and to create in the amazing world that surrounds them. We take those natural and healthy desires and allow children to be creative in a safe and inviting environment. When a child engages an intellectual task through their own desire to create more, they leave that experience with an increased desire to continue building on that foundation.

The greatest thing about our approach to creativity is that your child will leave more confident and ambitious about being creative. Try our classes and watch your child’s interest in being creative grow!

Creativity Explorations Class

Monday and Friday

Ages 2-12

1 hour class

4:30pm or 6:30pm


1 kid  $25

2 kids each $22

3 kids each $17

4 or more each $15

Parents or anyone 13 years and older are welcomed to participate for  $7

$10 deposit  per kid (deposit is non-refundable)


Please contact Jen with any questions at 517-252-1638


Enrich your Child

with Kids Yoga  at Bouncin’ Play

Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. Get your family practice started with these kid-friendly yoga classes.  Admission also includes an all day bounce pass.

 Ages 2 and 3 (with parent)

June 27th – August 15th (every Tuesday)

Ages 4 and up (with or without parents)

Class time 5:30-6:30

Stay afterwards for unlimited bouncin fun.

Price $15 per kid ($5 deposit per kid,  non-refundable)

Parent are encouraged to participate along with their child(ren) at no additional cost!

Feel free to bring a mat or beach towel or just come as you are.

Call Sarah with any questions at (262)359-0817

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